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My name is Alessandro.

I'm an entrepreneur, innovator and strong believer in the power of positive change in organizations.

I'm dedicated to helping you transform your business.

Let's do this!

I'm dedicated to guiding you through the innovation maze, keeping you on track as you break barriers you didn't think possible before.

"We immediately started with a creative exercise which opened up our creative mind. We also learned how to pitch our ideas and to establish a value proposition in a very efficient way."

Balint, IWI Grad

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Executive Coaching

This C-Level coaching experience caters to leaders wanting to play a key role in advancing innovation tools and practices in their organization, enabling their colleagues to succeed.

Lean Startup

The Innovate With Impact program provides you with award winning tools to take your business to the next level by applying comprehensive lean startup modules, which will not only accelerate your business, but also open up new potential while saving time and money.

InnovAtion Lab

This extensive program involves close collaboration with internal teams, providing a variety of techniques, tools, processes and methods that will allow you to launch your own innovation team.

"Being innovative has very little to do with having grandiose ideas. It's about moving into action, believing in one's vision and making a difference. There has never been a better time to transform your business than now!"

"Failure is an extremely important part on the path to success."

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